Economic Growth, Trade and Investment

Over the last three decades, China has experienced unprecedented economic growth. This has happened as China launched its economic and legal reform programs, allowing for massive trade and investment flows, both inbound and outbound. China’s growth has become a global force, sustaining global growth as the financial crisis of 2008 unfolded.

As China’s economic growth enters into a new era, with a slow down of growth rate and acceleration of population aging, structural concerns emerge about the vitality of its economic development in the mid- and long-run, its real estate market, government debt, and a highly volatile stock exchange.

The Long Institute seeks to understand the forces that drive growth, trade and investment in China, as well as the forces that can hamper it. It focuses both on the macro-economic influences, as well as the micro decision making processes by inbound and outbound investors.

Key focus issues in Economic Growth, Trade and Investment

  • Inbound and outbound investment and trade patterns
  • Demographic change and the economy
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Anti-trust

Key initiatives

  • Multi-faculty research on US-China trade and investment patterns
  • Global Demographic Change Research Program
  • US Patent and Trade Office joint Symposium on IP Protection in China


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