Philanthropy and Wealth Management

China’s economic growth has created a new class of super-wealthy individuals. China’s first rich generation in nearly a century is now facing the challenge of how to manage their fortune and ensure its existence for future generations. China’s new rich are also an enormous potential source of philanthropic donations for public causes.  While some wealthy Chinese individuals have already made great philanthropic contributions, many others have yet to embark on this road.

The Long Institute seeks to understand and advise about Chinese wealth management and philanthropy. It will build case studies of leading models of Chinese philanthropic donors, as well as organize activities that seek to aid wealth management and promote philanthropy in China and abroad.

Key issues and activities in Philanthropy and Wealth Management

  • Applied research on Chinese Global Philanthropy
  • Giving trends, emerging patterns
  • Bilateral conferences and exchanges
  • Policy, practice and effective philanthropy
  • Patterns and case studies of Chinese wealth
  • Chinese outbound wealth management


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