About the Long U.S.-China Institute

Fostering knowledge. Strengthening ties.

Our Vision

The Long U.S.-China Institute is dedicated to studying contemporary Chinese society, politics, and culture in all of its complexity. We are intent on fostering bilateral engagement between China and the U.S., and we support scholarship and events that facilitate mutual understanding and that highlight a diversity of voices and disciplinary approaches. Our core faculty come from the Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Business, and Social Ecology and are engaged in cutting edge research on contemporary China.

Our Focus

Drawing on the strength of our core faculty, the Long U.S.–China Institute focuses on six key areas:
  • Social movements and social justice
  • Domestic and comparative politics, business, and law
  • Health, science, and technology
  • Gender, race, and ethnicity
  • China in the world and the Chinese diaspora
  • China as method: researching and writing about China today

In addition, the Institute seeks to bridge the divide between academia, journalism, the public sector, and general interest. We support public intellectuals and rising scholars, and we aim to connect academics to policy makers, public interest groups, and the wider community.



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