Local Level Law Enforcement in China: Challenges and Solutions

Wang Qiliang

Using sociology of law and legal anthropology, this project studies the functioning of law enforcement through micro case studies at the grassroots level in China. The project seeks to understand how local law enforcement functions and what that tells us about existing challenges and possible solutions for them.

The research focuses on three aspects that may obstruct effective local law enforcement:

  1. Internal factors of enforcement agency itself (such as macro political structures within the bureau, organizational structure of enforcement work, operational mechanisms of enforcement, staff composition, financial resources, and evaluation and promotion procedures)
  2. External factors upon enforcement process (such as social structure, culture, economic patterns, and interaction with regulated actors)
  3. Gaps between legislation and social practice

The research is unique as it provides an in-depth comparison of local law enforcement practices across different domains and uses it to understand and solve existing problems.

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